Please read through this content in its entirety prior to the start of your Emergency Ultrasound Rotation.  This site will serve as your guide for scheduling, contact information, educational resources and required ultrasound views.

At Hopkins, Emergency Ultrasound education begins during intern orientation and is a longitudinal experience through your 4 years.  At the end of residency, you will be fully equipped to improve your patient care by bringing point-of-care ultrasound to your practice.

Emergency Ultrasound (EUS) has been recognized as a skill fundamental to the practice of emergency medicine and a mandatory skill for all graduating EM residents.  EUS is performed and interpreted at the bedside by emergency physicians and allows the provider to rapidly evaluate critical and time-sensitive conditions, facilitate management, expedite patient disposition, and guide invasive procedures.  The ACEP Emergency Ultrasound Guidelines outline recommendations for EUS education, training,  and credentialing.  They are the most widely accepted criteria for proficiency in ultrasound, and the model that your EUS training at Hopkins will follow. 

Please contact any of us ASAP for scheduling conflicts, machine issues or Qpath problems.  If a machine is not working, please take a photo of the barcode and let us know the exact machine and issue so we can remedy the issue right away.

Emergency Ultrasound Faculty:

  • Casey Wilson, MD, Emergency Ultrasound Education Director:
  • Randall Rhyne, MD, Emergency Ultrasound Director - Bayview Medical Center:
  • Tiffany Fong, MD,  Emergency Ultrasound Division Director:

Emergency Ultrasound Fellows AY17:

  • Dan Savage, MD: 
  • Kevin Chung, DO:
  • Devin Keefe, MD:
  • David Rose, MD: