For each core topic (and many others), detailed material can be found on the following websites and guides for free.

ACEP Ultrasound Guidelines

ACEP Emergency Ultrasound Imaging Criteria Compendium

Top EUS #FOAMed influencers on Twitter

  • Twitter is the mainstay of social media presence for blogs/podcasts, rising from 72% in 2012 to 86% in 2016 (as cited in “The World of FOAM and EMCC”)

  • The #FOAMed is the major source of referral and conversation in the online space

  • Cited most influential EUS Twitter accounts: @radiologysigns, @raiopaedia, @ultrasoundjelly

  • *High yield US Twitter accounts I follow: @thesonocave, @ACEPEUS, @ultrasoundREL, @Takeokun, @bretpnelson, @criticalcarenow, @ultrasoundQA, @bedsidesono, @nobleultrasound, @ultrasoundpod

  • Other high yield EM Twitter accounts I follow: @noDesa, @emdocsdotnet, @EMSwami, @smaccteam, @EMResus, @amalmattu, @klinelab, @emcrit

Blogs/Podcasts (with active posts in last 6 months)

  • Ultrasoundoftheweek.com – weekly blog of an interesting case and a teaching point

  • UltrasoundGEL.org – evidence based reviews of recent ultrasound lit of note, a repository of landmark EUS articles, organized by application

  • Ultrasoundpodcast.com – Mike Mallin, Mike Stone, Matt Dawson, critical care focused, as well as novel applications


  • *5minsono.com – reference values for US numbers, 5 minute video tutorials

  • *ThePOCUSAtlas.com – amazing image bank as well as EBM articles for all core

EM Applications

Research and Reviews harnesses social media to highlight worthy literature.

Apps available in iOs

  • Nerve Block Star – emergency applications for ultrasound guided nerve blocks

  • SonoAccess – SonoSite – specialty specific images and instructional videos

  • EchoCalc – miniguides for calcs, most of which are advanced

  • *EGLS – great for med students and PGY1/2 for heart/lung/IVC assessment

  • FATE Card – Focused Assessed Transthoracic Echo (FATE) with basic and extended echo views and pathologic measurements

  • Sonosupport ($10) – checklist and documentation examples

  • *1 Minute Sono – very basic intro for med students/novices


  • **Introduction to Bedside Ultrasound, Volume 1, Dawson & Mallin – free eBook in Apple Store

  • Critical Care Ultrasound by Vicki Noble (copies available in Dr. Johnson’s office, please let Dr. Johnson and/or Dr. Wilson know if you check one out)

  • ICU Ultrasound Pocketbook by Keith Killu – free eBook

  • Introduction to Cardiac Ultrasound by Lanham et al.– free eBook

  • Point of Care OB Ultrasound, ACEP free eBook in Apple store, 1 st Edition Robert Jones

  • DVT, ACEP free eBook in Apple Store, Stone Rempell & Kimberly

  • Echo Guided Life Support (EGLS) by Lanctot & Valois - $20 eBook

  • Essentials of Point of Care Ultrasound by Steve Socransky – $15