All ultrasound images (at JHED and BVED) are uploaded and permanently archived to Qpath.  This system will track resident ultrasound studies for emergency ultrasound credentialing, as well as facilitate  ultrasound billing for the ED.  Residents must log onto Qpath to create standardized reports of their interpretations for all completed examinations.  A tutorial will be provided at the beginning of the rotation.

When entering patient data into the ultrasound machine, please follow this convention to ensure the patient and operator information translate correctly into Qpath:

            For all studies, enter patient's first and last name and MR number
            SONOSITE EDGE :     enter your JHED ID in all lower case into "Reading Dr"
                                 if supervised by a credentialed attending, put their JHED ID in "Referring Dr"

            PHILIPS SPARQ:       enter your JHED ID in all lower case into "Performed by"
                      if supervised by a credentialed attending, put their JHED ID in "Physician of Record"

When you complete your study, connect the ultrasound machine to an ethernet jack (in the JHED, they are located in the alcoves near Rm 23 and Rm 29).  This machine will automatically begin to upload images when plugged into ethernet, and then will be visible in Qpath.

While on the Ultrasound rotation, all reports must be completed prior to the next Thursday QA meeting.  

Ultrasound numbers for credentialing may be viewed in the "Statistics" tab.

Qpath is accessible from any campus computer or at home via VPN at www.insidehopkinsmedicine.org/jpl.  Click the Internal Links for Department of Emergency Medicine (center column), then click "QPath". Use your JHED ID and password to log on.