Requirements for Graduation

Your goal is to attain credentialing in all 12 core US applications by the end of residency.  However, credentialing in a minimum of 6 applications is required for graduation from the Hopkins EM residency.  To become ultrasound credentialed, the resident must participate in didactic and experiential experiences, and have proficiency assessed objectively.


  • Intern US orientation
  • Lectures during Friday resident conference and Thursday US meetings 
  • Assigned readings and interactive multimedia education


  • Hands-on sessions during resident conference (previously covered topics include: renal, biliary, testicular, OB, and procedures such as ultrasound-guided thoracentesis, lumbar puncture, paracentesis, pericardiocentesis, nerve blocks)
  • Supervised and independent scanning during ultrasound rotation, ED clinical shifts, and off-service rotations


  • Assessment of US technique via direct observation and/or OSCE/SDOT
  • Assessment of image quality and interpretation via QA review of resident ultrasound scans
  • Standardized written or online examinations
  • Perform at least 300 ultrasound exams in critical or life-saving scenarios, with >25 exams in at least 6 applications (this must include a minimum of 25 FAST and 5 vascular access exams)