Ultrasound Experience

intern orientation

Interns participate in a one day introductory session during intern orientation, which provides didactic and hands-on training in ultrasound instrumentation and the life-saving ultrasound applications. 

PGY2 us  rotation

Basic Rotation

This a 4 week ultrasound rotation to develop knowledge and skill in the basic, life-saving EUS applications.  You will participate in supervised and independent scanning shifts, QA review, and will be expected to present an educational topic at one of your Monday QA/educational sessions.  The Education Fellow can assist you in selecting a topic.  Click here for more information.

advanced rotation

Later in intern year is a 2 week rotation to solidify skills in the life-saving US applications, develop knowledge and skill in the remaining core EUS applications, and introduce advanced applications.  This will include an opportunity to obtain first trimester pregnancy scans, currently by spending the second Wednesday of your rotation at Planned Parenthood (330 N. Howard Street).  You will be expected to present an educational topic at one of your two Thursday QA educational sessions.

You will complete an SDOT (supervised direct observation tool - observed examination) during a scan shift at the end of both EUS rotations.  Click here for more information.


Opportunity to learn advanced applications in ultrasound. You will be expected to have completed 150 QA'd ultrasound exams prior to participating in the elective rotation.  Opportunities exist to gain advanced experience in OB, ocular, vascular and TEE.  Elective opportunities are limited and available on a first come, first serve basis.  Please contact Dr. Rhyne (rrhyne@jhmi.edu) if you are interested in an elective.  Click here for more information.

regional anesthesia elective

Opportunity to gain experience in US guided nerve blocks in the OR. Please contact Dr. Wilson (cwilso99@jhmi.edu) if you are interested in this advanced ultrasound elective.

longitudinal ultrasound education (PGY 2, 3, 4)

In an effort to maintain quality assurance and promote ongoing skill retention and development, you will have scheduled scan shifts with the Emergency Ultrasound Faculty members (Dr. Tiffany Fong, Dr. Randy Rhyne and Dr. Casey Wilson) during your PGY2, PGY3 and PGY4 years. Ultrasound is recognized as one of the core ABEM Emergency Milestones, and as such, you will need to submit 50 scans for QA each academic year, with a goal of 25 scans per 6 months.  This should allow all residents to easily complete 300 QA'ed exams prior to graduation and meet the minimum requirements in all 12 ACEP applications.

pgy4 us FAST

A year-long comprehensive experience of fellowship-level training in Emergency Ultrasound, developing leaders with advanced knowledge and skill in point-of-care ultrasound. Throughout the year, each FAST resident will have the chance to function as a leader in Ultrasound Education, Ultrasound Administration and Ultrasound Quality Assurance, each with their own responsibilities.  Opportunities exist in course design, didactic instruction, conference organization, simulation instruction, quality assurance, billing, and participation in weekly journal club and fellow education series.  

The FAST resident should plan to develop an expertise in a range of EUS application inclusive of and extending beyond the ACEP core applications.  Training will take place with core EUS faculty in the ED, as well as through rotations in the vascular lab, regional anesthesia, ophthalmology and OB/GYN.

Completion of an original research project suitable for presentation and/or publication is an expectation of this FAST; this will be done under the mentorship of Hopkins faculty.  Opportunity exists for completion of an MPH or Masters in Education, which will extend fellowship by 1 year.

At the end of the PGY4 year, our FAST residents are well equipped to function as a successful leader of an Emergency Ultrasound program.  Please contact Dr. Fong (tfong3@jhmi.edu) for additional information.

off-service us elective

We currently collaborate with the Department of Anesthesia and host both Anesthesia Residents and Regional Anesthesia Fellows on the Emergency Ultrasound service.  Fellows will scan along with EM residents and medical students within the Emergency Department, with a focus on cardiac and thoracic ultrasound.  Off-service residents can email Dr. Fong or Dr. Wilson for a critical care curriculum.  Off service residents are expected to present a brief educational topic during one of their Thursday QA educational sessions, the Education Fellow can assist you in selecting a topic.

Ultrasound education/QA meetings take place throughout the year, every Thursday at 9 am in the Bayview ED 4th floor conference room (room 4100, near the peds ED entrance). You are welcome to join at any time, even if not currently on your ultrasound rotation.